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By giving to Life's Handy Work you are giving opportunity to a young adult in Nepal. Our primary focus is to support the young men and women of Nepal Orphans Home by providing them with services that will allow them to lead engaged, fulfilling, productive lives. The partnership between Life's Handy Work and Nepal Orphans Home ensures that each student is having their emotional, social, educational, and financial needs met.

Your continued support makes it possible for us to continue providing for the 130 - 150 children of Nepal Orphans Home who will need our support to transition into adulthood in a country that does not provide impoverished youth with aid opportunities.

Providing college funding and tuition is our primary focus. College expenses in Nepal, including related expenses, ranges from just under $400 USD at the 2+ (community college) level to just under $4,000 USD at the university level. We take pride in funding tuition as well as related fees (textbooks, uniforms, exam fees, copy fees and more). We also fund expenses like lunches, public transportation and uniforms to ensure that our students have the resources in place to allow them to focus on their education.

Vocational Training
Many of the children at Nepal Orphans Home did not have the opportunity to attend school as young children, therefore their ability to pass the necessary exams to enter college programs is severely diminished. These children benefit from learning a trade or skill that will translate into financial stability in the future. The children of Nepal Orphans Home attend the Chelsea Education Center to experience and learn a variety of career fields like sewing and tailor work, textile work, shoe making and repair, leather work and computer technology skills.

Give Time
While we are extremely grateful for gifts of financial support, we are also grateful for the volunteers who make it possible for us to reach our awareness and financial goals. We would love to have you join our team of volunteers or host a fundraising or awareness event of your own. Please see our volunteer page or shoot us an email for more information.